I have moved!

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, I decided it was time to move my blog on my website: andreeaalexandru.com/365Blog

I do hope to see y’all there.

Why have I moved? I don’t know… I like to customize the way everything looks like more and here there weren’t that many options. So… I moved, since I had the domain anyways.

So… see you there.


Come on in, make a call, we’ll chase the lonelyness away. There’s lots of options here.

Yes, I had really blond hair. Worst decision ever! And I wasn’t yet married, it was around 5 months before the wedding.
It was taken with a really bad camera, I tried to make something of it yesterday, so this goes for yesterday. It’s about 2 years before I got my first real camera. (by real I mean entry level DSLR).

Oh, my gosh I just realized I am so new at this, photography I mean. I’ve only had a DSLR for 2 years. Or maybe I shouldn’t say this in public… But I am that good :))

I love to take photos when there’s this nice light coming through my window in the afternnon. But I rarely find other interesting subjects that myself. At least I am experimenting a bit with the photoshoping part, as you might have seen with the photos here this past week.

What can I say, I am trying my best to continue with the project and I’m surprized I did not give it up so far, given the rough several weeks it had (the project, not me, I’m fabulous). I like this one as today I had a hint of a smile there and I managed to get it. I don’t catch myself smiling in photos that often… don’t know why cause I generaly am all smiles all day.

Well, see you tomorrow, I’ll seeĀ  what I come up with.

Us just spending time together… with our laptops. Well to be fair I had my camera aswell.